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Let’s Talk About… Moose Blood

I think it's pretty clear to everyone how I feel about Moose Blood. They are a band that I feel very strongly about, who I support thoroughly and enjoy more than most bands I have ever heard. Because of that,... Continue Reading →


Pop-Punk Songs For Everyone

Need some songs by bands you've never* heard of? Worried they might not be your cup of tea? Check out these songs by pop-punk bands that I recommend for everyone. You're guaranteed** to find something you like👇 Technicolor - SAINTE... Continue Reading →

Starting Right Now, Our Eyes Are Open

smile, and wave is the debut EP from SAINTE, the new project of Tay Jardine. Any friends of mine will know before I even begin that We Are The In Crowd is one of my all-time favourite bands: I would regularly... Continue Reading →

Tell Me, What’s The Fucking Problem?

In January 2017, WSTR released their long awaited first album, Red, Green or Inbetween, on No Sleep Records. This album follows their debut EP SKRWD, which to this date remains one of the strongest debut EPs I have been fortunate enough to... Continue Reading →

If Your Past Calls, Don’t You Pick It Up, It’s Got Nothing New To Say

You Me At Six returned yesterday with their latest LP, Night People. The UK band have reached a worldwide audience in the past few years, as the band's music spread following the stellar releases Sinners Never Sleep and Cavalier Youth that took them away from their... Continue Reading →

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