You Me At Six returned yesterday with their latest LP, Night People. The UK band have reached a worldwide audience in the past few years, as the band’s music spread following the stellar releases Sinners Never Sleep and Cavalier Youth that took them away from their pop punk roots.

I’ll start this by saying immediately that if you’re only a fan of Take Off Your Colours, this probably isn’t the album for you. While advertised as a sonic departure for the band, ultimately it treads on similar ground to Cavalier Youth before it; not that that is a bad thing! For it’s obvious shortcomings, Cavalier Youth was a solid effort for a band trying to refine their stadium rock sound.

It is hard to provide a completely accurate review for any album from a handful of listens, but my initial feeling from this album is that it perhaps lacks the two or three big, punchy singles that Cavalier Youth had before it. The track Room to Breathe received significant airplay on both sides of the pond, with the US even receiving a radio edit due to its popularity. Singles Lived a Lie, Fresh Start Fever and Cold Night also received substantial airplay on rock channels across the UK and propelled the album to number one in the album charts.

Looking at the tracklist for Night People now, it is hard to see which tracks would be singles on the same scale. Of the tracks that were released as singles in the second half of 2016, I can only imagine Night People and maybe Plus One appearing regularly on rock radio channels, and neither of these pack the same punch that Room to Breathe had three years ago.

That’s not to say there aren’t some fantastic songs on this album, though. Album closer Give is undoubtedly the highlight here, a massive anthem with a ramped up chorus that really hits you hard, along with a outro that you’ll find yourself shouting at the sky. Make Your Move is another track that stands out, but this one is more of a big stadium rock anthem, complete with a massive riff running throughout. I can see that one being an excellent workout song.

EDIT: After a few more days with the record, I wanted to add on high praise for the track Brand New. An emotionally charged track that makes you want to scream out the words as you long for bigger and better things.

Does this album reach the heights of Sinners Never Sleep or Cavalier Youth? No, probably not. But You Me At Six set the bar high for themselves with those two outstanding records that established them as one of the UK’s finest rock bands. Night People is another high quality record that reaffirms that status, and should see the band continue to play arenas across the country, and expand their fanbase across the globe.


Check out: Give, Plus One, Brand New